A Little Place Called West Camp

The countryside around Alpo’s barn has a story to tell. Alpo’s home, also known as West Camp, was once a part of the XIT Ranch that operated from 1885-1912. The legendary XIT Ranch land, which covered over 3,000,000 acres across the Texas Panhandle, was one of the largest cattle ranches in the world. The Muleshoe Ranch area of the XIT was established in 1903, making up 150,000 acres of land. The Muleshoe Ranch had several cow camps, and the one farthest west was named “West Camp Inn Ranch.” In 1912, the first church/school was built in West Camp, and although this building was a simple one-room schoolhouse, it was used for the dual purpose of educating children during the week and also for Sunday worship services. The community of West Camp gathered regularly inside the walls of this humble structure, as different denominations took turns using the school for fellowship, to share their faith, and no doubt, to fill the schoolhouse with the joyous sound of music. Around 1924, the former XIT ranchland of West Camp began its transformation into farmland, and the community began to grow and flourish. Although the original schoolhouse perished in a fire, the hardworking people of the area built a new, red brick schoolhouse. This school became known as the “Best Rural School in the State of Texas” at the time, and many students in the area enjoyed happy childhood memories kicking up dust on the West Camp soil. In 1945, West Camp’s school closed its doors forever, and its students then transferred to Farwell and Muleshoe school systems; however, the church stayed open until the mid 1970’s. Today, this land of exuberant heritage is covered by acres of farmland, countless red and green tractors, and of course, cattle. Most importantly, West Camp is called home by many friendly farmers, ranchers, and businessmen who still enjoy an honest day’s work under the West Texas sun, and the gathering of the community for fun, laughter, and yes, great Texas music. The soil beneath Alpo’s barn indeed has a story to tell…and with each gust of the West Texas wind, the rich history of this land can be felt by all.

If the sandy lands of West Camp could tell its tale, past accounts of Texas culture would fill the air like a boisterous wind. The legend of West Camp is a fascinating biography, but the future of this area also holds the promise of someday having its own unique sequel.  Alpo’s has enjoyed being a part of West Camp’s next chapter by welcoming renowned artists such as Bart Crow, Charlie Robison, Cody Canada & The Departed, Jason Boland, Cooder Graw, Zane Williams and many others to share in not only the traditions of West Camp’s past, but also its future as the home of Texas’ finest “almost famous dance hall.” As the new season kicks off, Alpo’s is excited to provide West Camp and its surrounding areas with the best entertainment venue for miles around. Good food, coolers filled to the brink, and Texas Country music are waiting for you, and as the clamor of friends sharing a good night of music echo through the trees around Alpo’s barn, you can be a part of history.

West Camp is 3 miles east of the New Mexico state line on the farm road from Muleshoe to Farwell, Texas, on FM 3125. There’s always a good time waiting for you at Alpo’s…where Texas Country Rocks!