About Us

It all started with a graduation party. Like all good ideas, Alpo’s was born as a result of a laid back day on a back porch having “just one more” with good friends. As plans were made for a fun graduation party for locals to enjoy, the idea of getting a barn ready for a party took on a life of its own. Before long, a stage was built, a sound system was purchased, and Texas flags were hung. If you’re a Texan, you know by hanging Texas flags we gave the barn its birthright…the only thing left to do was give it a name. Alpo’s was the name chosen for the barn that would make “Texas Country Rock” because many years ago, a little blonde with big blue eyes decided Alpo was my name.

After many years of great memories and “just one more” with her family on the back porch, that little girl that called me Alpo now bangs out her lyrics on the piano on the stage at Alpo’s. The Lord works in mysterious ways…maybe all those vacations we spent at Luckenbach, Gruene Hall, John T’s Country Store, and other Texas Country venues was preparing me for this. You can get through almost anything in life if you have good friends, good music, and the occasional opportunity for “just one more.” That’s what Alpo’s is all about. This “almost famous dance hall” will entertain crowds with red, white, and blue Texas Country music blaring from its walls. You can bring your family, you can bring your friends, but leave your cares at the door. If it’s a good night, you can have “just one more.”