Once in a Decade

It’s hard to believe that this is Alpo’s tenth season of bringing Texas Country music to the area. The Alpo’s family is feeling a bit nostalgic about this mark in time, as memories of how this journey began come rushing back like a flood. The very first Alpo’s “show” was a modest graduation party in a simple quonset barn. A band was booked for this event, so Alpo and his best friend built a stage in the barn with their bare hands. They had no idea at the time how many bands would someday entertain the masses on the wooden masterpiece they crafted together. At this point, NONE of the Alpo’s family could have imagined what this humble barn would someday become. After this graduation party, Alpo’s slowly took on a life of its own. The graduation bash was such a success that Alpo began booking bands to give people in this area “something to do.” Before long, the Alpo’s logo was born, and the simple quonset barn underwent many construction changes. Many might wonder where the Alpo’s name came from in the first place. Well, it’s a funny tale. Remember the girl who was given the graduation party in this story? When she was about two years old, she actually gave Alpo his name. For some unknown reason, she decided that this was his new identity. It is only fitting that this venue be given the name “Alpo’s” because it was born on the night of her graduation celebration. I guess the moral of this story is that you had better be careful what you call someone, because it just might stick! 😊 The tenth anniversary is generally referred to as the “tin anniversary” because tin and aluminum symbolize the flexibility and stability needed to sustain a decade of life’s challenges. Alpo’s has withstood the test of time, growing, and flourishing because of loyal music lovers who have faithfully come to the shows and become part of the Alpo’s family over the past ten seasons. Only once in a decade does a great idea like Alpo’s come along…and we are so thankful for all the patrons who have made Alpo’s what it is today. Happy 10th Anniversary, Alpo’s! You make Texas Country ROCK!

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